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Omega 53 L

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Imagine a summer evening with your loved ones, the sounds of crackling wood in the fire, flickering flames and the aroma of your favorite grilled dishes. This is exactly what awaits you with the Omega 53 L garden fireplace!

Polish your culinary skills with our garden grill and surprise your guests with delicious campfire dishes. The steel heating plate maintains the same temperature over the entire surface, and you can add a grate based on the plate and an adjustable grate on a stand to the set. This will allow you to cook even more delicacies at the same time, both around the fire and directly above the flames. Use the bases under the hearth, handy shelves to put away cutlery and spices, and a place for wood, which you will use to keep the fire going.

Enjoy your garden fireplace every season. During the cooler evenings, it will not only become a pleasant source of warmth. Interesting openwork decorations in the shape of circles, geometric figures or flames turn the hearth into fancy lighting that will create a warm atmosphere in your garden.

Choose the Omega 53 L hearth, and with it the joy of grilling, pleasant spending time with your loved ones and creating warm memories that you will gladly come back to.